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“The purchases we make and the services we use, say more about us than ever before. Branding tells the story of your brand in a way that your dream clients will feel connected to your brand – making sure we will leave them only wanting more.”

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Your Forever Stories is an exclusive branding agency where we specialize in crafting and timeless high-end brand identities. Adjusting every luxury design with a strategy and solution to your audience to make sure your brand story perfectly aligns with every touchpoint your dream client will encounter. 

Service Category No. 1

Brand Design

We develop brands that are more than just a product or a service. Through in-depth research and strategy, we deliver branding and design that resonates with your clients and has clarity and focus enabling you to reach your full potential. We specialize in creating an experience around your brand to differentiate your business from competitors, unlock the unique value of your brand and build genuine connections with dream clients. 

  • Brand Strategy
  • Rebranding
  • Packaging Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Logo Design

Including: logos, color palettes, typography, copy writing, labels, product packaging, wrapping paper, business cards, thank you notes and more. 

We quote timeframes on a case by case basis. Approximately 3 – 5 weeks. 
Service Category No. 2

Content Creation

Content stands pivotal in the success of any business. We create content strategies that represent your brand, build awareness and aspire to engage by cultivating trust and credibility whilst empathizing with your audience, creating a desire for more. Our authenticity lies within our specialization in photo- and videography, creating content that is highly relevant, targeted, and well designed, helping to visually translate the narrative to tell your story. 

We deliver content that resonates with your clients and has clarity and focus enabling you to reach your full potential. 

  • Content Strategy
  • Photography*
  • Videography*
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Copy Writing

*Including location & model scouting, concept creation and styling.

We quote timeframes on a case to case basis. Approximately 2 – 4 weeks.



Frequently Asked Questions

Branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on clients but it allows your clients in an instance to know what to expect from your business. It is a way of differentiating your brand and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.

As every brand is unique it requires custom solutions to unlock the unique value of the brand. After the complimentary discovery call we are able to identify which assets are needed to achieve the brands full potential. We tailor our services to your brand specifically and are therefore fully customizable to perfectly align with your brand’s needs. 

No matter what services you will book with us we always start with a questionnaire and complimentary discovery call. After that you will receive a full proposal including investment amounts. Once your project is green lit, we’ll run an in-depth discovery session that deep dives into your business, goals, and objectives.

Authentic and great looking brands that connect your dream clients to you. Combined with notable content that attracts and engages your audience. Communicated and hosted on an imposing web design that enable you to grow online

Branding is the foundation of your business. Creating a brand to be intentional, timeless and connects with your ideal clients is essential. Branding will define the image of your business and how it is represented. Just imagine the costs and damage bad branding can cause and how your brand will be percepted. We perfect our clients vision and translate it to timeless branding that doesn’t rely on any trends. This percerves longevity, lasting for years to come. 

Brands often make the mistake of talking about the “things” they value, versus formulating values as actionable behaviors. Your vision should describe where you’re headed, the mission explains why, and values depict how you are going to behave along the journey of growing your brand . 

Brand recognition is cultivating the desired perception and understanding of your brand among your ideal clients. To truly increase brand recognition, you should be prepared to make changes, operational as well as marketing changes. Something Your Forever Stories assists you along the way. 

The assessment process gives you an honest evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses so you can hone in on your true value. Therefore, it is of essence that we can dream exactly what you have in mind for your business. Only then can we perfectly tailor our services to your wishes and realise the desired outcome. 


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